The podcast about how to apply technology to your business. We review new tech gadgets as they come out and help explain advantages to a small business. We will have guests that talk about all things business including accounting, legal, IT, marketing and advertising.

About The Hosts

With 32 years experience between Jason and Matt, they bring the ability to review and bring content to small and medium businesses. Our goal is to within 20 minutes per episode bring you content that you can learn quickly. We bring on guests that are subject matter experts in a relevant topic to your business. We encourage you to sign up to be a free guest either in our studio or as a call-in guest.

Jason Garcia

Jason Garcia


Matt Enderle

Matt Enderle


Episode 9:
Cutting Cloud Costs

Episode 8:
Hot Pots Pottery

Episode 7:
Printing with M.O.S.T.

Episode 6:
Phoenix Bats and ProjectUnity

Episode 5:
Optimize your wifi for best work from home experience!

Episode 4:

Episode 3:
The Food Truck

Episode 2:
What Is SEO? Does My Business Need SEO?

Episode 1:
10 Tips to Better Protect You from Cyber Threats